Eliminate limescale 
Save money on heating and domestic water 
No plumbing, no chemicals, no fuss 
DIY 30 minutes 
Modern technology, fully computerised 
Water can be used for drinking and cooking 
Prolong life of your equipment and appliances 
Silent and unobtrusive 
Limescale can increase your energy bills by 25% 
Bring personal luxury that you can afford. 
How soon will I benefit? 
In a very short time. In approximately four weeks you will notice the water begins to feel softer. Taps, shower heads and other outlets gradually lose their coating of scale. Lather will increase and the use of detergents will be reduced. Your appliances, washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, coffee maker, will all begin to shed their scale. 
Most important of all are the effects you do not see. The Scalebreaker will break down the limescale build up inside your hot tank, on the immersion heater and your heating system, including radiators. 
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